Saturday, May 19, 2007

My babies aren't babies anymore!

Caleb & Meghan are 3! I can't believe they are 3 years old already. We started off our day by having breakfast, then we got ready and stopped by "Papa's work" to say hi. Well Caleb was so excited when Papa decided we could go out back and look at all the "big trucks". Meghan was equally as excited. Caleb's huge blue eyes got a big as saucers when he say the "digger" and "bucket loader" oh and don't forget the "roller", that totally made his day. Then we got their favorite "chicken french fries" at McD's and brought it to "Mimi choo-choo's house". They call her that because she lives near a train track and they get to see the trains. Then Caleb and I went to get his haircut. He was so quiet the whole time, the woman asked him questions but he didn't say a word. It's funny because when he is around people he knows, he talks and talks, and Meghan is more quiet. But then they switch when we are out in public. He did sit in the chair all by himself this time. He got a lollipop and got one for Meg too. When we were walking back to my moms house I said "Caleb you're so handsome!" and he said "Caleb cute, Caleb cute" that he is! Tomorrow well actually today since it's so late is their party at Zachary's. I can't wait, they will have so much fun!

Just a few things I don't want to forget...

Last night I made Hamburger stroganoff and Caleb said "mmm, delicious"
Meghan told me I was so cute, and I was wearing my pjs all day.

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Elisa said...

Three seems to be a cool age. Emma's told me I'm "really cute" too. They are hilarious.

You really need to update your blog!