Monday, June 30, 2008

Picture post

My mom took this one...

This one cracks me up

I may be partial, but isn't Meg beautiful?
Me & my girls!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hayley's 2 month stats

Hayley had her 2 month appointment yesterday. She weighs 13lbs 8oz (97%) and was 24 1/4 inches long (97%)!! My little chubby girl! Her head measured 41cm I think. The poor little girl had to have 3 shots and the oral vaccine for rotovirus. I have never heard her cry like she did yesterday. I felt so bad for her. The Dr. said that she looks great! He did agree with me when I asked about her belly button. She has an umbilical hernia. He said they don't do anything for them and that over time it will just go in. If it hasn't gone away by the time she is 4 then they might have to do surgery. But he did tell me that they have never had to do that yet.
She was fussy and cried a while last night, but she was all smiles this morning!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


This week has been crappy. I wrote down everything on Weight Watchers, blah, blah. Didn't lose a thing. Blech. I am trying hard not to lose motivation! Next week has to be better, right? Maybe I will be getting Aunt Flo....there has to be some reason...

Then yesterday Bart took half a day off, and we all ventured to do some errands. We just pulled into Costco when his phone rang. It was a partner from his office. He didn't get a promotion to manager this year. You know what I would like to say to that? Use your imagination. It's not because he didn't earn it, that's for sure. There just isn't the "need" and a lot of other B.S. It irritates the crap out of me. He works SO hard, too hard sometimes!! I mean this year alone he had 300 hours of overtime. Too bad he's salary. I feel so bad for him.

I dread Tuesday...Hayley has her 2 month appointment and she has to get shots. :( She is smiling a ton now! It's so cute. She has been trying to laugh too, but we haven't gotten the full laugh yet.

Today we are headed to a baby shower and then a birthday party. Fun, fun!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

8 weeks

Hayley is 8 weeks old today. I can't believe it! Time flies. She doesn't look like a newborn anymore :( Caleb and Meghan adore her, maybe a little too much sometimes. Hayley is a good baby, and loves to eat! She has the cutest chubby little thighs and cheeks! I feel so blessed.

I am currently doing Weight Watchers. I was going to wait until the Fall to start, but I am really unhappy with my body and I want to lose weight before we go to Disney in November. It's not easy (obviously) for me in the summer time. But I need to lose this weight! I lost all my pregnancy pounds from Hayley, I just need to get the pregnancy weight off from Caleb and Meghan. I am doing the online version for right now and might start going to meetings in the fall. Now if I could find some time to exercise...Caleb and Meghan start preschool in September and I will be able to walk when they are there in the mornings. So far I have lost 2lbs. I have to say I was a little disappointed because usually when I start WW, the first week I lost a good amount and this time it was 2lbs...which I know isn't that bad! I wish I didn't have a huge sweet tooth!

$700.00 later my van looks new! Well except for the rust. Oh and my internet is still freakin slllooowwww. Bastards.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Where do I start? Last week I was on the way to go grocery shopping with Caleb and Meghan. Bart was going to stay home and watch Hayley while working. It was a crappy rainy day, and half way there my car dies. So I call Bart and have him come to pick me up, only to realize 3 kids won't fit in a Honda Civic. So I call my awesome cousin Heidi to come and save my ass. So she came and brought one kid all the way to my house for me. (Thank you so much!!) We have the car towed, thank goodness for Allstate Motor club. We have it fixed, it was the alternator. I was secretly hoping that it would be something not worth fixing so we could get a new (used) van. No such luck. Fine whatever. I decide then to obsessively clean my car. Next morning Bart goes to start it. Nothing. So tack on a new battery to that list. I was just happy to have my van back all in all. Until yesterday.

Should you be worried when your children come in and say "Mommy, window broken on car" I think we all know the answer to that. YES! I said "A window better not be broken!" thinking that they cracked a window. I walked out and saw black tinted glass all over the ground. The whole rear side window was gone. ALL OF IT. There is no way that Caleb and Meghan could have done it. Most of the glass is on the outside of the car, so we have come to the conclusion that it burst because of this obsessive heat lately. Seriously, WTF? Do you think this an omen to get a new van, or am I just imagining it?

Let me also add Wildblue satellite internet to my list of rants. Their customer service, SUCKS. But because I live in the boonies, they have us by the balls and they know it. I signed up for this awesome service, if I could use it called Carbonite. They back up your files and it cost about 50 a year which isn't bad at all considering I have no time and I am really worried about losing my photos. So I signed up for their 2 week trial, and was feeling good about it. Until one day when my internet was slower than dial-up, if that is even possible. So Bart called and then they told us we had exceeded our bandwith. I didn't even know we had a limit. But apparently it is in our fair access policy, listed in our contract that I signed 2 years ago. Do you think I remembered or really even read it? No. They said that they had sent us emails warning us. We didn't get those emails, because they had the wrong one listed. Which is such bullshit because I have had to call there numerous times before and they have sent me emails. Bart asks how long before our service is normal again, after deleting Carbonite. Umm 30 days they say! We mention that we have been a customer for 2.5 years and have never once come close to going over. The only reason we did this time was because Carbonite was backing up our files. We always pay our bill on time etc etc...nope can't help you. Bastards. HOW LONG BEFORE WE CAN GET HIGH SPEED IN THE FREAKIN ASS BOONIES?!!!

There I am done, for today.