Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Things that are annoying me

1) On 7th Heaven they have been "plugging" items. Once it was Campbell's soup, and currently it is Oreo's. While I don't mind once and a while, this whole show was around freakin Oreo's.

2) American Idol. I personally don't think that Paula Abdul has any business telling people how to sing. Yes she wasn't bad in the 80's, but why not have someone who is a long time singer, who currently still sings etc. I don't usually watch it but I did tonight.

3) Our phone has been out again. WTF? It is our problem I guess. The wiring sucks in this crap house. So Bart tried to fix it, but he couldn't. His dad can, but isn't coming up until Friday. We do have one phone that only works because we have hooked it up outside. Talk about freakin white trash! LOL

4) I missed free cone day at Ben & Jerry's!

I orignally had more things, but as usual when it comes time to blog them I can't remember. Ugh. Yeah that annoys me, not remembering. Oh and one more thing, the political ads are so annoying!

Enough for today..oh one more...I made a myspace page, and found the perfect song for it and they freakin deleted it. I am mad!!!!!

Ok..done...I think.

Monday, April 24, 2006

What have I done?

So we took Caleb and Meghan to get their hair cut. Caleb has had his hair cut once already. This was Meghan's first cut. Anyways I had to hold Meghan because she was freaking. Bart had Caleb. I said I wanted it shorter than last time. But not like this!!! I have cried over this! There is nothing I can do now. But I miss his beautiful curls. Ugh, I am really upset that his hair is freakin BUTCHED!!!
I am really having a hard time with it. Anyways it's probably karma since I just posted about men who needed haircuts. Karma is a bitch!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Men who need a haircut

Here are some men, that I think need a haircut.
1.) Barry Watson (from Seventh Heaven, 2nd pic)
2.)Daniel Kucan (from Extreme Makeover Home Edition, 1st pic)
Their hair drives me nuts. Just had to get that out.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Thinking of Gram

This morning I had a, I guess you would call a good dream. In the last part of my dream, I saw my gram again. She looked so happy and well. In my dream we were all at her house welcoming her home, or something. In my dream I ran up and gave her a huge hug and she held on for a long time. But then sadly I wake up. So the dream was good obviously in the fact that I saw her again, but bad in the fact that it wasn't real and I had to deal with the harsh reality waking up that she really is gone.
It sucks to know that things will never be the same. I know that she is gone, but I keep having these little moments where I think, oh I'll buy that for Gram. Then I remember.
I am trying to do as my gram would have wanted. I made sure that there would be flowers on Easter Sunday at Church in remembrance of her, my grandfather, and my uncle. I also talked to our pastor about making sure there is some sort of dedication service for the funds that were given in her memory, so that kids could attend Church camp. I do find that if I do this I am making her happy and honoring her.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The day from....

Today was umm, terrible. My friend wanted to go to a place called Zachary's. It is sort of like Chuckie Cheese from what I have heard, although not as big etc. I have tried explaining to everyone that I can not go by myself. They think I am over exaggerating. Hello?! I have 2 kids under 2. They do not listen. They do take off. No one understands, unless I guess you have 2 under 2 or what not. Still. It is not fun for me to chase Caleb and Meghan all over this place and worry about them. While we were there Caleb pooped 3 times. So I have to leave Meggy with my friend while I go to change him.
Caleb ran off 4-5 times into the other restaurant. He tried climbing up the skee-ball ramp 4 times. Meghan went up in the tubes only to discover that she can't get down. So I had to drag my fat ass up there and get her twice, while she is screaming mind you. Doesn't this sound like tons of fun?
I am not sure if my kids are terrors, or regular almost 2 year olds. My family seems to make me think that I have hellions for kids. I think they are pretty normal, sure they are hard to watch. But I think it is because there are 2 at the same age. Meanwhile I get the same old sayings from everyone. "I can't even imagine having 2" " I could never do it" "God picked you for a reason, and not me!" (while they laugh)
Am I crazy for wanting one more? Yes. But that won't be until they are like 4 years old...hopefully.
It is starting to get warm in good ol VT! It is going to be a high of 60 tomorrow! Scorcher. My kids ask me everyday "Outside?" I have to say, "No not today..." Because I can not take them outside by myself. Our property is surrounded by the road, a river, and a brook. We are planning on putting up a fence. Actually we have it all here, the posts and panels of fencing. Just waiting, and waiting for it to be put up. Of course the people that have to put it up, don't have to say no to those sweet little faces!!!
Oh and one more VENT...I am driving to go to Zachary's and want to plug in my cell because it is of course, dying and I can not find the charger anywhere. Why? Oh yes, because Bart took it. GRRRRR!!!!!!! I know you might be wondering why don't you get 2. OH WE DO! But his car is being fixed and he forgot to get it out. MEN!! Oh and while I am on it, my car has to be serviced as well. But we have to make sure his is done first. I mean all I use my car is you know, to just cart the kids around!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Being sick sucks

Ugh! I went to the Dr. yesterday because I really thought that I had an ear infection. I held off 3 days because sometimes it just goes away, and with 2 kids and no babysitters it's hard to make an appointment. But I was in pain, so I made an appointment. I went in, and he checked my ears, throat, etc. Did a strep test. Waited for the 5 minute results. Negative. Good. My ears do have fluid, but it's not infected. So that was it, I pretty much have to suck it up and deal. I am feeling a little better today.
I am going with my friend Nicole tomorrow for a day of shopping and actually getting to enjoy lunch. My sister without me asking mind you, took the day off and said she would watch the kids for my birthday and I could make plans. I thought at first Bart, but he can't take the day off. He is a he puts is "slamming" right now. I am looking forward to it. I guess I will just have to pop the advil.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Weekend Recap

So this weekend was ok. Turns out that Meghan has an ear infection. She had a fever for 3 days and I was starting to get worried. I called and they said if she still had a fever on Saturday to bring her in. So we brought her in to the Dr's and sure enough she had an ear infection. Poor little gal! After we went to the inlaws, and hung out. They insisted that Bart and I go to dinner and shopping if we wanted. So we ate at Longhorn and went to Toys R Us and The Children's place. We bought stuff for the kids, because we can't resist. Then we stopped at Starbucks for a Cafe' Latte. YUM! Saturday night was horrible. First there was the time change and then Meg was up most of the night.
Sunday I slept in and Bart got up with the kids. We missed Church, but I did get the Church Newsletter done. Caleb & Meghan took a long nap and I went grocery shopping. My mom and aunt stopped by and I made dinner. My aunt went with her S/O to dinner and my mom stayed and ate with us. Hopefully we can get over this sickness. Although I have a little sore throat now. Ugh