Monday, April 10, 2006

The day from....

Today was umm, terrible. My friend wanted to go to a place called Zachary's. It is sort of like Chuckie Cheese from what I have heard, although not as big etc. I have tried explaining to everyone that I can not go by myself. They think I am over exaggerating. Hello?! I have 2 kids under 2. They do not listen. They do take off. No one understands, unless I guess you have 2 under 2 or what not. Still. It is not fun for me to chase Caleb and Meghan all over this place and worry about them. While we were there Caleb pooped 3 times. So I have to leave Meggy with my friend while I go to change him.
Caleb ran off 4-5 times into the other restaurant. He tried climbing up the skee-ball ramp 4 times. Meghan went up in the tubes only to discover that she can't get down. So I had to drag my fat ass up there and get her twice, while she is screaming mind you. Doesn't this sound like tons of fun?
I am not sure if my kids are terrors, or regular almost 2 year olds. My family seems to make me think that I have hellions for kids. I think they are pretty normal, sure they are hard to watch. But I think it is because there are 2 at the same age. Meanwhile I get the same old sayings from everyone. "I can't even imagine having 2" " I could never do it" "God picked you for a reason, and not me!" (while they laugh)
Am I crazy for wanting one more? Yes. But that won't be until they are like 4 years old...hopefully.
It is starting to get warm in good ol VT! It is going to be a high of 60 tomorrow! Scorcher. My kids ask me everyday "Outside?" I have to say, "No not today..." Because I can not take them outside by myself. Our property is surrounded by the road, a river, and a brook. We are planning on putting up a fence. Actually we have it all here, the posts and panels of fencing. Just waiting, and waiting for it to be put up. Of course the people that have to put it up, don't have to say no to those sweet little faces!!!
Oh and one more VENT...I am driving to go to Zachary's and want to plug in my cell because it is of course, dying and I can not find the charger anywhere. Why? Oh yes, because Bart took it. GRRRRR!!!!!!! I know you might be wondering why don't you get 2. OH WE DO! But his car is being fixed and he forgot to get it out. MEN!! Oh and while I am on it, my car has to be serviced as well. But we have to make sure his is done first. I mean all I use my car is you know, to just cart the kids around!


Meredith said...

So sorry you had a bad day. Their not hellions, sounds like normal 2 year olds to me. I do have two under 2 (and 4 6 and under) and it's really hard. Although I may have it easier because Sally is still little enough to pick up and carry while I chase Ella. Hope the rest of the week goes better. My suggestion for outside, find a big park or a school playground with a fence and go when it's really slow. Works pretty well for me.

Mel Breen said...

Aiden and I have BEEN to Zachary's with you! Your kids are NORMAL almost 2 year olds and they ARE hard to watch with you, me and Bart around. Maybe Thursday or Friday we can go to that fenced in playground in MoVegas. Email me.

elisa said...

I have always wanted to see Vermont. Seems like such a beautiful state.

I agree with Meredith, your kiddies seem normal and I think it would be very hard to have two at the same age!

You sound like a great mom to me though!

Natalie said...

Those precious babies are perfectly normal, and not hellions at all. Trust me. I can't hardly keep up with Colby AT ALL, and don't know what I would do if there were two of him. I seriously will not take him outside unless it is a fenced area, because he is gone in the blink of an eye.