Friday, March 13, 2009

Dr's & ER's

Since the last time I posted I have been to the Dr's twice and the ER once. I got a call from school saying Meghan was complaining that her leg hurt and she didn't want to go outside and cried while getting her snow pants on. She had complained at home but I downplayed it because they are always complaining they can't walk etc. She had a low grade fever so I called the ped's office and they wanted to see her. We went in and the dr said the pain seemed to be in her hip, and then she went to talk to another Dr. and they both came in and said it could be a virus that sometimes makes your hip ache...I had never heard of this before. They were concerned that it would be bacterial. So they wanted me to come in the next day to see how she was, unless she got worse or had a higher fever then I needed to call right away. Well the next day she seemed totally fine, but we went in and they said she was better and to keep an eye on her.

Last weekend we went to my dad's to go snowmobiling and sliding. While we were hanging out after lunch the kids were playing on my dad's stairs. They were going down on their butts, so I didn't really see anything wrong with that. I heard a big boom and saw Caleb at the bottom of the stairs and he had a big egg on the side of his forehead. When he first got up he sort of stumbled sideways, and that worried me. Bart laid with Caleb on the couch while I went outside with Meghan because she had friends over. My BIL came to tell me that Caleb had thrown up. So I called the on-call ped which luckily was my Dr and he said to watch him and if threw up again to go to the ER. We got home and he threw up just a little. I called the Dr and he said since it wasn't a lot to just watch him and really I should base it on how he was acting. He was starting to perk up and we watched Toy Story 2 and then he had some cereal. He went to bed about 7:30 and at 10:00 he threw up in his bed. So I called again and he said we should go to the ER so I took him in and the Dr said after a few tests that he didn't look worrisome. I was thankful for that and took him home. The next morning he wanted cereal and not 10 minutes later he threw up again. So we called the ER and the Dr said that if he was acting okay to just watch him. He was acting fine, and he never threw up again. Thank God.
I really thought it would be Meghan who would be my accident prone one. Since Caleb has turned 4 he has been to the ER 3 times. Once for pneumonia, once because he went under water, and the most recent one. Can your insurance drop you? I can tell you I don't feel like parent of the year, that's for sure.