Sunday, March 06, 2011

You haven't missed much.

Same old same old around here as far as schedules go.

The kids were on vacation from February 21-March 2nd. We unfortunately didn't do much over vacation. The kids seemed to be happy with being able to play with toys and video games of course. The day before school started again, I took them to meet my mom for lunch at Zachary's pizza place. I could tell that day that Caleb wasn't feeling that great. He had started with a cough and he looked tired and well, like he was getting sick. Sure enough he had a fever that night and proceeded to have one until yesterday. I took him to the doctor on Wednesday because he was acting almost like he did when he had pneumonia. We didn't see his regular doctor, but got into to see another one. She said that he did sound wheezy and we got sent home with an albuterol inhaler. He seemed to get better but the fever lasted forever! By Friday he was driving me nuts! He even cried because he wanted to go back to school. I thought maybe I should tape him so I could show him in 5 years. Ha, ha! Now Hayley has a fever and cough. Poor girl was not herself at all yesterday and just laid around. Hopefully Meghan will stay healthy. I was all excited that maybe we would be getting to some sort of normal schedule, but it's supposed to snow 20-30 inches so they canceled school. Oh well, at least they can rest up one more day.

Nothing new with Bart. His hours have finally let up for the moment. During the kids vacation he worked a 90 hour week (yes you read that right 90 hours). People think I'm kidding when I say he is never here. I am so over him working 24/7.

One other annoying thing, is that we finally ordered a treadmill (since we live in the boonies and I never leave here) so I could work out at home. We get it delivered had to call both our fathers so we could get the beast of a treadmill downstairs, get it set up, turn it on, nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Awesome! That was the beginning of February, and we have called and got the run we'll still waiting on them to fix it.

I am really looking forward to Spring.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Same old, Same old.

Another week gone by, and really not much to say at all. It really is the same thing just different day. I am thankful it is Friday though! Let's see here's a recap:

Sunday-I had my dad and Penny over for the Superbowl. We had a lot of good snacks and it was fun, except for the going to bed late and Hayley being up on and off for an hour part. Bart had to get up early and go to NY.

Monday-Meg had dance. Caleb stays with gram and Hayley goes with me. I dread Mondays for this reason. We don't get home until about 8. Bart is NY for the night.

Tuesday-Same thing. Bart got home about 12:30 am from NY.

Wednesday-I had to go audit for our town. Hayley didn't take a nap and I had to go pick up Meg from tutoring after school. Bart got home about 12 am (I'm assuming since I was asleep).

Thursday-Same thing. I picked up Caleb from after school program and headed to hockey. It was supposed to be the last night for hockey, but I guess they might have one more? I still might tell them that it was the last night (hee, hee). Bart's parents came up to help me get the kids ready and to see them play because Bart can't. After hockey we went to McDonald's. Bart got home after 12 am.

Friday- I will have to pick up the kids from after school program and then there is a dance tonight for the school. Which I know we will have to go to because the kids love it. Even though no one really dances..the kids just run around and play with friends. We did get our treadmill delivered today but it can't fit through the door. Hopefully we will get it in piece by piece? The thing is monstrous! Bart is headed to NY this weekend.

Do you see a pattern here? I don't ever see Bart. I know when I say he works all the time that some people are like, yeah, yeah... but really he does. I see him in the morning for about a half an hour. Oh but it's only for busy season right? Umm sure. It used to be, but now it seems that busy season is all year long. This past summer he had to travel every week for 2 days or so. Even when we took our vacation to Disney he had to work some. I am grateful he has a job, I just wish it was one that was more flexible and less hours.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Walk to Cure Diabetes

This past August we found out that my nephew, Jack has type 1 diabetes. Type 1, or juvenile diabetes, is a devastating disease that affects millions of people, a large and growing percentage of them children.

Currently there is no cure. But with your help we can make a difference. Would you please think about supporting me in my cause? Any amount is helpful! I would appreciate it so much! You can easily donate online here

Thank you so much!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Weekend Recap

I'm really trying to post more, and I realize no one will care what I write and it's boring..but at least I can look back and see what I was doing at this time.

Friday I went to my sister's Silpada party. If you don't know what Silpada is, it's really expensive jewelry. I had to make 2 maple cream pies for the dessert. SO yummy, but I didn't have any, cause you know I'm dieting AGAIN. Anyways, I didn't order anything because it's expensive, and I am not a huge jewelry wearer. But it was fun and I got to have a little adult interaction.

Saturday the whole family went down to the in-laws and we hung out there first. Then we went out to eat for Bart's 30th birthday. It was a good meal, and shockingly and surprisingly the kids were decent.

Sunday we failed to make it to church. Plus there was no Sunday school so that was almost a given not to go, mostly for the sake of the other members. It was a lazy day. I went grocery shopping alone {bliss}! Bart had to leave early for his 6 hour drive to NY for work. BLECH.

Friday, January 28, 2011

My life right now.

I would really like to start blogging again so I can remember what we do. But mostly I feel like my life is lather, rinse, repeat. It's not very exciting. Mostly my day consists of :
  • Getting Caleb and Meghan off to school.
  • Having coffee and get on the internet.
  • Hayley wakes up. She has breakfast and we play and watch cartoons.
  • Time to fix lunch.
  • Hayley brushes teeth and then goes down (hopefully) for a nap.
  • I get the kids off the bus.
  • We do homework. Then Caleb and Meg either go to gram's or play here.
  • I take out all their snow stuff, hang it up, put mittens on heater to dry, clean out their lunchbox.
  • Hayley wakes up.
  • I start dinner.
  • We eat dinner, and then the kids have some chill time before bed.
  • Bath & showers
  • Snack, read books, brush teeth.
  • Caleb and Meg go to bed.
  • Hayley and I read books, then brush teeth and Hayley is off to bed.
  • I clean up from dinner, pick up the house, and watch some TV or go online.
  • Go to bed.
The only differences are on Mondays Meg has dance, and right now on Thursdays Caleb and Meg play hockey, but that will be over in 2 weeks. Bart is in his busy season so we don't see him much. That's pretty much my life right now in a nutshell.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday, August 06, 2010

Tap, tap, tap is this thing on? Anyone out there?  Hoping to revive this thing soon!