Monday, September 29, 2008

Pneumonia times two

Well Caleb never ended up feeling better, in fact he was so lethargic that I called the Dr.'s again on Friday to get him in. Meghan didn't want to stay with Gram so we all packed up and headed to the Dr's office. I brought Caleb in and the Dr. listened to his lungs, said they sounded clear and then did his oxygen which gave a reading of 86. He then said we need to take him to the ER because he needed a chest x-ray but thought he might have pneumonia. So me, gram, Meg, Hayley, and Caleb headed to the ER. We got there and the nurse even said his lungs sound clear, we went in a room and waited. He got an x-ray done and sure enough he had pneumonia pretty bad, in both lungs. He had 2 bags of fluids and then we just waited. They admitted him and we stayed Friday, and Saturday night. Bart left early from Boston and made it to the ER in time for us to be moved to a room. We feel like we have been going on high for the whole weekend.

Friday night was scary because we took his oxygen off so he could go in the bathroom and then we he came out and put his oxygen monitor back on it went way down again and he started having a huge coughing fit and nurses were in and out and then the pediatric resident was in there. They had to turn up his oxygen up to 5.5 liters and the highest is six before you need a mask. Then they had someone from respitory therapy come in and pretty much pound on his chest every two hours. This was so hard to watch, poor Caleb.

Saturday was a little better, and he slept pretty well during the night. Meghan also has had a fever and nasty cough as well so while I was at the hospital my mom, sister and Bart were helping me out. They took Meghan to the Dr. on Saturday and they told them to come back on Sunday if she got worse or stayed the same. My mom watched Meg and Hayley Saturday night and she said Meghan was up all night coughing. The Dr. ordered her an x-ray and turns out she has pneumonia too in her lower left lung. Thankfully we caught it in time and she is on antibotics.

Now we are all home, and getting some much needed rest. I haven't had a full night's sleep in a week. I am hopefully looking forward to them getting better and things returning to normal around here. Pneumonia is not contagious, unless it's viral but some how Meghan and Caleb both got it...maybe it's a twin thing. LOL

Look at my poor little guy!


Autumn said...

Oh, my goodness. That picture breaks my heart. I'm glad he's home though and feeling better. ((HUGS)) to you.

momtoabean said...

I just sent you an email before I came here. Oh my gosh Ky!! Poor little guy!! If you need anything let me know!

Anonymous said...

Awww, poor Caleb! Glad he's home and doing better. :)

That picture is too freakin' cute but sad all at the same time.

Take care!

Mel said...

Poor little guy. Just seeing him like that made me cry. Glad he's doing better ! Poor Meghan too... Hopefully things will go back to normal soon((Hugs))