Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy, Busy!

Man, I have been going non-stop lately. Bart is gone to Boston for a week on business so my mom (thank God) has been helping me with the kids. I am so tired, Caleb and Meghan woke up a combination of 3 times last night. Each once to pee and then once to cover Meghan up. They rise and shine at 6:30 to get them ready for preschool. Today Meghan has dance. At least the week is going by relatively quick.
I had a good weekend, Bart and I got a lot of house things done, and we went to a gospel concert with the kids on Saturday night. They are a quartet from Texas, and did a free concert for our small church. The kids enjoyed it, but they all fell asleep during the concert. I am not sure how, since it was loud.
Sunday School started up again, and we are back to church. And man what a difference a year makes, because the kids are so much different this year. They went to Sunday School without blinking an eye and Bart and I actually go to listen to a whole service! It was great. The in-laws came up and we worked some on our ever going project, the basement.

Hayley was 5 months old yesterday! I can't believe how time flies. She is getting so big, and she is talking a lot more, and rolling over all the time and is very nosy, she loves to watch people.

I am still really worried about Bart, and am trying to hand over my worries to God, but that is a really hard thing to do right now.


Anonymous said...

Great pics! Y'all are a gorgeous family!

I've been thinking about taking the girls to church. Emma's preschool is at a church that seems very nice. I might just do it this Sunday. We'll see.

Mel said...

Good luck this week with Bart gone !

Super great family pic ! You all look great !