Friday, January 28, 2011

My life right now.

I would really like to start blogging again so I can remember what we do. But mostly I feel like my life is lather, rinse, repeat. It's not very exciting. Mostly my day consists of :
  • Getting Caleb and Meghan off to school.
  • Having coffee and get on the internet.
  • Hayley wakes up. She has breakfast and we play and watch cartoons.
  • Time to fix lunch.
  • Hayley brushes teeth and then goes down (hopefully) for a nap.
  • I get the kids off the bus.
  • We do homework. Then Caleb and Meg either go to gram's or play here.
  • I take out all their snow stuff, hang it up, put mittens on heater to dry, clean out their lunchbox.
  • Hayley wakes up.
  • I start dinner.
  • We eat dinner, and then the kids have some chill time before bed.
  • Bath & showers
  • Snack, read books, brush teeth.
  • Caleb and Meg go to bed.
  • Hayley and I read books, then brush teeth and Hayley is off to bed.
  • I clean up from dinner, pick up the house, and watch some TV or go online.
  • Go to bed.
The only differences are on Mondays Meg has dance, and right now on Thursdays Caleb and Meg play hockey, but that will be over in 2 weeks. Bart is in his busy season so we don't see him much. That's pretty much my life right now in a nutshell.