Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Weekend Recap

I'm really trying to post more, and I realize no one will care what I write and it's boring..but at least I can look back and see what I was doing at this time.

Friday I went to my sister's Silpada party. If you don't know what Silpada is, it's really expensive jewelry. I had to make 2 maple cream pies for the dessert. SO yummy, but I didn't have any, cause you know I'm dieting AGAIN. Anyways, I didn't order anything because it's expensive, and I am not a huge jewelry wearer. But it was fun and I got to have a little adult interaction.

Saturday the whole family went down to the in-laws and we hung out there first. Then we went out to eat for Bart's 30th birthday. It was a good meal, and shockingly and surprisingly the kids were decent.

Sunday we failed to make it to church. Plus there was no Sunday school so that was almost a given not to go, mostly for the sake of the other members. It was a lazy day. I went grocery shopping alone {bliss}! Bart had to leave early for his 6 hour drive to NY for work. BLECH.

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Autumn said...

Those pies sound delicious!!!