Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Men who need a haircut

Here are some men, that I think need a haircut.
1.) Barry Watson (from Seventh Heaven, 2nd pic)
2.)Daniel Kucan (from Extreme Makeover Home Edition, 1st pic)
Their hair drives me nuts. Just had to get that out.


yoinkit said...

Do you watch CSI? Nick used to be super cute, now he has long hair and sort of like side bangs (like a chick would have) it is just terrible. Very disappointing, he was my favorite reason to watch...oh besides the cases and evidence of course.

elisa said...

Oh, yeah! I got to agree with you on both - yuck! What is it with men or maybe boys these days and the messy shaggy hair do thing?

Kellee said...

And the list goes on & on...

Can't stand shaggy hair on guys!