Friday, April 14, 2006

Thinking of Gram

This morning I had a, I guess you would call a good dream. In the last part of my dream, I saw my gram again. She looked so happy and well. In my dream we were all at her house welcoming her home, or something. In my dream I ran up and gave her a huge hug and she held on for a long time. But then sadly I wake up. So the dream was good obviously in the fact that I saw her again, but bad in the fact that it wasn't real and I had to deal with the harsh reality waking up that she really is gone.
It sucks to know that things will never be the same. I know that she is gone, but I keep having these little moments where I think, oh I'll buy that for Gram. Then I remember.
I am trying to do as my gram would have wanted. I made sure that there would be flowers on Easter Sunday at Church in remembrance of her, my grandfather, and my uncle. I also talked to our pastor about making sure there is some sort of dedication service for the funds that were given in her memory, so that kids could attend Church camp. I do find that if I do this I am making her happy and honoring her.


yoinkit said...

We both wrote about Gram today...yours is a little more upbeat! Hehe
Love ya!
Check out what Mike wrote on the baby website...he's romantic alright, goober.

Kellee said...

What a beautiful picture of you & your Gram. I think dreams like that are our loved one's way of telling us that eveything is ok. That they're ok & that you'll be ok too.

I know your Gram is so proud of you for continuing her legacy. You are a wonderful granddaughter.

Hugs & Love!