Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Things that are annoying me

1) On 7th Heaven they have been "plugging" items. Once it was Campbell's soup, and currently it is Oreo's. While I don't mind once and a while, this whole show was around freakin Oreo's.

2) American Idol. I personally don't think that Paula Abdul has any business telling people how to sing. Yes she wasn't bad in the 80's, but why not have someone who is a long time singer, who currently still sings etc. I don't usually watch it but I did tonight.

3) Our phone has been out again. WTF? It is our problem I guess. The wiring sucks in this crap house. So Bart tried to fix it, but he couldn't. His dad can, but isn't coming up until Friday. We do have one phone that only works because we have hooked it up outside. Talk about freakin white trash! LOL

4) I missed free cone day at Ben & Jerry's!

I orignally had more things, but as usual when it comes time to blog them I can't remember. Ugh. Yeah that annoys me, not remembering. Oh and one more thing, the political ads are so annoying!

Enough for today..oh one more...I made a myspace page, and found the perfect song for it and they freakin deleted it. I am mad!!!!!

Ok..done...I think.


yoinkit said...

Hey Ky! You do Myspace?? Me too!

elisa said...

You're funny.

I have two babies now and cannot imagine how u did it w/twins - it's sooo much harder w/two kids. I didn't realize how easy it was.

I haven't watched 7th Heaven in forever. Didn't even realize it still came on. I think that show is soooooo unrealistic. I used to work with this black lady who had freckles & a mustache and she loved that show. So it always makes me think of her. Ha ha ha!

elisa said...

oh, i meant how easy it was when i just had Emma, lol.

yoinkit said...

I forgot to say the first time, I agree, Paula Abdul has NO business judging other singers. Not only is she SOOOOOOOO annoying, but she had like 3 popular songs in the freeken 80's!! What are her credentials??