Monday, May 14, 2007

4 days until Caleb and Meghan are 3!!

You know what annoys me? People at the grocery store. When I shop at night there is a guy who uses this really LOUD machine to polish the floors. I swear that he follows me and tries to piss me off. It is SO not relaxing when that loud machine is on my ass in the store. Then I get to the checkout, and am putting my stuff on the belt. Fine, great, good. Someone walks up behind me and put her stuff on. UMM HELLO?! I am not done putting my stuff on, and in case you didn't notice the belt, it moves. Ugh.

Today was an alright day until, Meghan and Caleb woke up from nap. I went in and Meghan had an explosive poop. It was on her sheets, up her back. Sigh. So I strip her and put her in bath. Strip her bed, disinfect her crib, change the changing table pad and throw in a load of wash. That was tons of fun.

After we were de-pooped we went to Jack's tee ball game. The kids had a blast and it was fun to watch Jack play. I can't wait until we are at Caleb & Meghan's events. After we went to McDonald's for "chicken french fries" as Caleb calls it. It was actually a decent day!!

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