Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I stayed pretty well on my diet today, even when my gram brought good homemade cookies down! Yum. The kids did not nap, and they were so cranky! But Gloria came over and we chatted, had a little coffee and then took the kids outside. We did all the normal routine things we usually do. We went across the road and played in the brook, walked around the baseball field, then went through the covered bridge, and down the dirt road to throw rocks in the river.
Bart met us, and we walked back to our house, put the kids in the stroller, and we walked around the block. My legs are so tired!! When I walk with Gloria it goes by pretty fast, cause we chat. The more and more we hang out, the more I realize we have a lot in common. This sounds really sappy, but I am so thankful to have met her.

Tonight the kids were so cute. They had a great bath, and then got their pj's on. I opened the window and they listened for the frogs. They were so cute listening, and we even called mi-mi to tell her.

I have 2 jewelry parties to go to this week! I am going to be broke! I really need to get Meghan's and Caleb's birthday invites done too, I was going to make them myself but I need some cardstock paper.

Did I mention I got some gorgeous presents for my bday? I got a notebook and address book from an online friend who remembered my birthday! She made them, aren't they beautiful. It was so thoughtful.
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yoinkit said...

Oh my gosh those books are AWESOME!! I mean like the awesomest things ever!! I can't believe your friend made that! I love the colors, the design, your name in them, everything about them! :) So cool!