Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rain sucks. Today was a lazy day, the kids watched movies and played with toys. We were supposed to drive and see my mom, but I didn't feel like treking out there to be stressed with my kids. So we stayed home. The kids napped and I promised them that they could go to my grams after nap to see the puppy. They remembered. We got all our stuff on because it is pouring outside. Fun, fun! We go see Juliette (the puppy) she was so excited to see the kids. Until of course the kids were terrorizing her. They just get so excited and don't realize how tiny she is. Usually at my grams the kids are good, especially when I am not there. But man today they were fighting and being mean to the puppy. Ugh I couldn't wait to leave. I was sick of telling them to be nice.

Bart got home at a decent time (shocker) and then I went to Toys R Us to get the rest of their birthday gifts. I picked up Gloria at work and first we went to Costco, and then I decided to run to Ritz Camera to pick up the dvd transfer and my tape. I was so excited that it was done and couldn't wait to watch it. So I decided that maybe I should open it before I leave. Good idea on my part because I take out the dvd and on the cover they have like freeze frames of different parts, well this wasn't my dvd. How did I know? Well they were all African American people on it. Instantly I get pissed because I want to see my tape, and then realize that someone probably has my dvd. This tape that my friend and I made is stupid, but I suppose funny, we were in high school! Anyways, then I check my tape, and they didn't fix it. WTH?! So before I flip I decide maybe this is my dvd and its the wrong cover, after all it does say Kylee & Jen on the cover. I put it in my kids dvd player and start to watch. It's not my tape. It's some other family, cooking on a BBQ with tons of meat on a huge grill. It was sort of funny, or at least Gloria thought so. Then I hear on the DVD the guy say here they are smoking marijuana. I look at the dvd and there they are passing around a joint at the BBQ with tons of people and young children. Gloria by this time is laughing her ass off. I take out the dvd and bring it back in, and tell the guy its not my dvd. He re-fills out all the forms and puts REDO across in big letters. I am bummed! Now I have to wait 3 more weeks!! I swear this ALWAYS happens to me. SIGH.

So anyways I went to TRU and got the kids a water table, Meghan some make-up and a dvd. I already have 2 beach towels with Mickey on them, Mickey Mouse pjs, Minnie pjs, trucks, and cars. That is good, considering I think we own every single toy ever made. Just ask Heidi.

So that was my interesting day.

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