Thursday, July 03, 2008

Strawberry jammin it

Last weekend we went strawberry picking with my sister and her family. Caleb and Meghan loved it. Hayley slept the whole time. This year I wanted to make jam again but more of it since I didn't make much last time. So we picked two flats of strawberries...I made A LOT of jam. This post only took me like two days. Hopefully my internet is up and running faster soon!!


Autumn said...

Way to go! It looks really yummy. I love the pictures of Caleb and Meghan with the strawberries.

Mel said...

Very cute pics ! And yeah for homemade strawberry jam :) We tried 3 times this week to go pick some, and every time they weren't ready :(

momtoabean said...

Will you be sharing that again this year?? :) :)

I love how you just have time to watch three kids and make a million jars of jam...freeken over-achiever!! lol!