Monday, July 14, 2008

Caleb & Meghan's 4 year checkup

Caleb and Meghan had their 4 year appointment today. They did great, they were talkative and did all the things they were supposed to do for the nurses. Unlike last year when they couldn't do the eye or hearing exam. Before the Dr. left he told them they had to have some shots today. They appeared to be listening but didn't really get it, apparently. Then the nurse came in, and Bart took Meghan out, and I held Caleb. Ugh. I hate this crap. Seriously. Why am I always the one holding them while they get shots? Poor kids, Caleb cried and cried. Meghan came in and asked the nurse why Caleb was crying. Little did she know. They wanted them to look at a pinwheel and blow it. Umm, yeah after the first shot the pinwheel is no longer working. Meghan of course cried too, and you know she broke her arm last year...I think she cried more today then when she broke a bone. Ugh. Glad I don't have to do that again for a year. Oh wait, Hayley has her 4 month appointment next month. Ugh. I now know the meaning of "it hurts me more, than it hurts you".

Anyways here are the stats. Caleb weighs 46lbs and is 43 inches long. He is 95% for both height and weight. Meghan is 38lbs and 42 inches tall. She is 95% for height and 75% for weight. They even took their blood pressure, and a urine sample (that was fun). You know we have to pay a 20.00 dollar co-pay per kid...I think that for twins we should get a discount. I mean we use one room. Rip-off. Oh and then the Dr. asked them what they like to eat. I was like great, please say something healthy. Caleb said hot dogs. I guess, at least it wasn't chocolate chip muffins. LOL Meghan asked me what to say and I said applesauce. But I wasn't lying, Meghan eats that all day long. Apparently she is like Bart who loves veggies, fruits, and pasta. Caleb on the other hand is like me and likes sweets and meat.


momtoabean said...

Blah! Shots SUCK!

LOL about Hot Dogs and Applesauce :) Hehe. I love that Meg asked you, she's so cute.

Mel said...

Poor kiddos ! Maybe next year they'll be better about the shots.

Anonymous said...

You're funny.

Emma was 42 lbs and 43 inches (I think). She and Cate were both 90th percentile. I hope they are going to be tall women.

How's it going with three kids? You make it sound so easy. I really want a third.

I know what you mean about the copays and the shots. It's awful. Our copay is also $20 and I combined their appointments so I really think we should have gotten a deal. You know it saves the doctor and nurses time when we do that. I want a discount! $40 for doctors visits is absurd IMO.

Hope you're having a great day! I'm loving summer. :)