Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A few more rants...

Well since we have the best luck on the planet, let me tell you what we walked down on yesterday. Water all over our basement. Our heating system had a pipe spraying everywhere. We had to shut the water off most of the day. Luckily for us my father in law is handy, and that we were home. My FIL came and fixed it last night. LOVE HIM! (except we are still waiting on the basement to get done, I digress) Nothing was really damaged that we have noticed yet...I did have a brand new printer in a box still that was a little wet, I just don't have the courage to open it yet.

We are approaching the 30 day mark for our deathly slow internet because we violated our policy. We were told that every day it should get better. I called last week because I couldn't get on. They blamed it on the weather. Bart called last night and was on the phone an hour and they gave him loads of reasons why our internet could be slow.
  1. It's our router (umm it wasn't hooked up)
  2. We have a virus (umm we have up to date virus protection until Fall 2009)
  3. We need to clear our "cookies" (give me a break)
And the list goes on and on. Pretty much had us running in circles. They said they have us listed with 3 routers and 3 mac ip addresses? Umm I don't even have a mac (if that is even what it means) and we certainly don't have 3 routers. We can't deal with the one router we have because it sucks. Bart to my surprise got angry and was pretty much calling their BS. He is going to call and speak to a supervisor today. Oh, they had us go to a website to check our upload and download speed. Download was 125 kbps and upload was 24 kbps. They also said we violated our policy again? Umm HOW ? We can hardly get on let alone upload so much that we violate our policy. They said we got an email on the 18th. Nope, no email. They also suggested we unplug our modem for 3 days. Let's just say that if we had another choice for internet WE WOULD BE USING IT. Ugh.
Have a good day! :-P


momtoabean said...

Oh my gosh Ky, you are having terrible luck.

I have to say though, when I read that "clear you cookies (give me a break)" I busted out laughing!! lol!!

Anonymous said...

How do they say you violated your policy? That is bizarre.

We have Verizon DSL and it sucks. I get booted a lot! Not sure why. When I call, I get someone who doesn't speak English and it just frustrates me and ruins my day. LOL So I just suffer w/ it. It's very annoying though. Hey, maybe I should clear my cookies? LMAO!