Saturday, July 19, 2008

Storms & Smiles

Wow! We had a huge storm yesterday around 3pm. I was a little nervous, the wind was whipping and it was pouring and thunder and lightening. Caleb and Meghan were up to my gram's and it was just me and Hayley. I heard a big snap, I thought a tree was going to fall somewhere around our house. We had one fall last winter that hit our house and dented and put a hole in our vinyl siding. Turns out the snap I heard was the tree near my gram's house, that landed on her garage/barn roof. That was nothing compared to what happened down the road, there were dozens of trees knocked over, even uprooted all down the road. A couple from our church had trees all over their yard down, and thankfully just missed their newly built log cabin. It did however hit one of their trucks and hit his shop. We keep hearing stories of other people's sugar houses that were ruined, enough so that they won't be able to sugar next year I guess. Someone said it was a tornado? I highly doubt that, but it almost looks like something did come through town and explode. There is just certain spots where the tops of trees are over and everything. Bart had to leave his car and walk home because both ways were blocked by trees and power lines. We had no power for about 10 hours. I brought my camera to try and get pics, but I felt weird about it. So I only snapped a few when people weren't looking, but they didn't turn out so well.

I also shot this video of Hayley. Please excuse my annoying voice, in fact you don't have to have sound on. LOL But you can hear her grunting noises!


Mel said...

Hayley is such a cutie !! The storm sounded scary... good thing nothing major happened.

momtoabean said...

Eeek! She is soooo cute Ky!!!