Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ok, Ok, I gotta keep up and get in habit with this. That is one of my resolutions and all. Not much to say really, I do the same shit everyday. I pretty much stay in my jammies all day, clean up messes, stop fights, etc etc. Tomorrow is MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) I dread it. Not because its boring but because I have to peel Meghan off me to go. I love MOPS, and really look forward to the break but I hate drop off. Hate it. But I am going, and Meghan will just have to deal I guess. Maybe it will be better this time? Ahhh probably not. Oh well. How am I ever going to do preschool?
My kids have switched on me once again. Caleb is now the hard one. Meghan is easier. It could change back. Caleb is really testing the limits. He is throwing, screaming (I HATE THAT!), not sharing at all, throws tantrums etc. I hope he is good at MOPS or they probably will be like GREAT she's here with her twins again (insert eye roll).
I made some YUMMY enchalidas tonight. The only thing I didn't like was how long it took. I boiled my chicken and then shredded it. That took forever it seems! It could be because I had to stop fights, in between it all. It was delish though!! I felt somewhat like a wife. LOL
Okay, its late gotta pack the diaper bags, and all that jazz.
Peace out!


Anonymous said...

I always wondered if my kids had secret meetings to decide who would play what role.

Wild about Doll Houses

elisa said...

I bet they all think your twins are freakin' adorable. I know I do.

Tell me how you made the enchiladas!