Thursday, August 24, 2006


Ok, a few random tidbits.....

I watch Young & the Restless and Guiding Light. On both shows they are having people die. I can't deal! It all brings me back to when my gram passed away. Sigh can't they go back to cheating on each other?

I need sneakers. I went to 4 stores today. Did I find shoes? No. Why? Cause I have wide feet. Apparently wider than anyone else. I tried on some cute woman sneakers, but nope NONE of them fit even the ones that said wide. So I tried mens, and I did find a couple pairs but nothing that fit great.

I did however get the Church newsletter done. Finally. I had to take it to Staples because the church copier is on the skits. I had to make 90 copies. It cost me 40.00!! But it works out because we haven't been to church in a while to give any money. Bart and I have a goal to start to go to church every Sunday like we used to. The kids need to get used to it, and I think the more we go, the more they will get used to it. That is the hope anyway.


lori said...

I was BAWLING when John died on Y&R. I agree with you!!! And we forget to take checks to church with us, so I do the same as you--every now and then we pay for something and don't get reimbursed and in my head, that makes up for not putting that check in the offering plate every week.

Autumn said...

I can so relate to the wide feet woes!!! I have to buy men's athletic shoes in order to get one that fits and properly supports my foot!!

Nessa said...

Yeah with you on the wide feet!! I wear a 10.5 so I wear Men's nike's!! I just get the girliest looking ones, LOL.

I don't watch Y&R so I dont' know what you are talking about. :)

christy said...

I am so glad I read this! I will make you a toddler/church sanity kit!!! Trust me, it will help. And they will get used to it, just be sure and sit in the back until they do, it is easier to escape if needed ;)

elisa said...

I ought to take mine to church, too. My MIL & FIL take Emma now, but I really don't believe same as them and don't want her growing up in their church.

Tell me what is in the sanity case!

Oh, and watch ABC soaps instead. On mine everyone is either pregnant or will soon be that way! It's been one HOT summer!