Monday, August 14, 2006

Nothing New

Not much new on the home front. Same old same old. I still miss my gram like crazy, something reminds me of her everyday. Still waiting for it to get easier...

Caleb has a rash on his private area, and we went to the Dr. They said it was a yeast rash and gave us nystatin. Well it still hasn't gone away so I called on Sunday. They told me to do all this other stuff. Well I have, and it is still there. So I am calling tomorrow and I want to go in. Poor little guy.

Tonight Caleb and Meghan were so cute. Earlier today I cut up an apple and had some peanut butter to dip it in. I tried to give Meg some, and she didn't want it. Well later she saw that I was eating and so she decided to try it. She did and then she said "that good" LOL She cracks me up! I made Cheeseburger Macaroni for dinner (I know, I rock right?) Meghan loves it. So I gave her a plate and she took a bite and said "mmm yummy" then took another bite and said "that good."
Caleb likes it too, he said "mmm yummy mommy"
Poor Caleb's bum was so sore and he did not want to get into the bath. So he looked at me and then said "mommy bath?" So I got in the bath with them. Poor kids, with my fat ass in there, there was no room! LOL Oh well, at least Caleb got in the bath.


yoinkit said...

Awww your such a great mom Ky! :)
And when can I come down for some of that macaroni?? Hehe.
Love ya!

lori said...

Kylee-I love hearing stories about Caleb and Meghan!!! Poor Caleb--I hope the dr can do something else for him today! And we had Hamburger Helper cheeseburger macaroni for dinner last night, my kids LOVE it and acted like it was a gourmet meal! Dorky kids.

elisa said...

Man, I just may have to try that stuff! And your kids are always cute.

I have a very tiny bathtub, but I'm looking forward to the day I can stick Emma and Cate in there at the same time!

Autumn said...

Shayne loves Cheeseburger Macaroni and would think I was the coolest mom on the planet if I made it for him more often. I hope Caleb's bum is feeling better soon!! How cute are they!!