Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I want to snap on my freakin internet. I had to call them this morning because last night I was off and on, off and on. SO irritating. Then this morning it was out. FUN FUN! At least I talked with a woman and she had kids so she wasn't annoyed with Caleb playing the trumpet. *sigh*

I took Caleb to the Dr yesterday. He is now on oral antibotics for staph and I have to alternate between Hydrocortizone cream with desitin and Lotrimin and desitin. He HATES medicine. I have been trying to sneak it in his bottle (yes you heard right *gasp*), he doesn't like it very well...I also talked to my Ped. about Meghan and her constipation he gave her a stool softener which is tasteless and I can put it in juice or her bottle, now why can't they make Calebs medicine like that? He said it was a stool softener but on the bottle it says prescription laxative. I think I might call tomorrow. I don't want her to be dependent on it to go, plus I hate putting it in her little body. I just want to make sure I am doing the right thing. I do trust my Ped, but I just worry like that.

Bart finally took the van in to get looked at because the stupid ABS light comes on randomly. But it was nothing! Thank God, we just shelled out 500.00 for Barts car. It never ends. We are going to see the Wiggles on Friday!! WHOO HOOO!! Rock on! LOL I am looking forward to it because I know my kids will love it and be so excited. I am however not looking forward to sleeping in a hotel cause the kids will do horrible. Oh and driving for like 4-5 hours. Yeah not looking forward to that.

Tomorrow night my gram and I are going to Ladies Night Out with women from our church. I am looking forward to that, because I have adult conversation, & I get to hang with my gram. Today she watched them for what I thought would be like 20 minutes. I had to go talk to the pastor about the newsletter. I was gone for like an hour and a half and my 84 year old gram watched Caleb and Meghan. She took them outside even!! I don't even do that unless we are inside the fence! SO thankful for her.

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elisa said...

That is awesome! What a wonderful Gram.

Have fun at the Wiggles! I'd love to take Emma. Dora came here last winter and I wanted to take her but it was soooo expensive!