Sunday, August 31, 2008

Exhausted and SO happy to be home!

We are finally home from Maine. I feel like I have been on a dead run since we left. Friday started out fine, I was almost packed the kids were being relatively good etc. Well I asked Bart to put the new memory card in my nice camera, the Canon Rebel, the one I saved up two years of birthday money for...anyways, I am not sure what happened but it wouldn't go in and some of the metal prongs are bent now. Right before we freakin left! SO now I have to get it fixed and one good part is that I have a warranty. I was angry, but what can you do? So I did take pictures, but with my smaller camera. It still sucks, because the pictures are so different with my nice camera. Bart felt awful, of course.

Maine was beautiful, and hot. We had a good time, but not nearly enough time. However the hotel was cheap for a reason. The beds were AWFUL! It felt like we were sleeping on plywood, or just the box spring. The first night I slept with Meghan. She wakes up, and yells, and twists and turns and ugh! I got no sleep with her. Hayley slept through as usual, and Caleb and Bart slept better than I did that night. I can't wait to sleep in my nice, comfy, non-kid bed.

I ate like crap the whole weekend and I am PMS-ing too. We got home tonight and I got a letter from the preschool about an orientation for Thursday. Umm, short notice much? I am hoping Bart can go, or I can try and wrangle Caleb, Meghan, and Hayley there but they also want to do a bus run. Maybe I can talk my mom into getting over here to help. Caleb and Meghan are so ready for preschool I think. They seem to be going nuts at home, as am I.

So now I have to go to Best Buy and give them my baby, I mean my camera. I hope they don't take too long, because I need it before we go to Disney in November.

I am off to take a hot bath and sleep in my bed! Yay!!


Anonymous said...

Oooh I wanna go to Disney in November! Lucky! :P

I'm PMS'ing too. Like a mo' fo'. Ugh.

Glad you're back and sorry about the camera. I know your pain. I only got my nice camera b/c we got a good refund last year and I treasure that thing. Mine's a Sony Cybershot.

Mel said...

I hope you did manage to have a good time still !