Thursday, August 21, 2008


The kids went to their first dentist appointment, and did quite well I must say, or at least Bart said they did. He took them while I stayed home with Hayley. I knew he wanted me to go, because he thinks he can't handle it. But he and they did fine. Which was all fine by me because I have dentist anxiety issues. Caleb has no cavities and is good, he does have a small crowded mouth though. Just like Bart. Meghan had one cavity behind her front teeth, which is sort of puzzling to me. I really hope she doesn't have my teeth. But, I am going to be anal about brushing and flossing with them. My mom claims she did that with me, but I don't remember her helping me brush etc. Meghan also has a small mouth but not as small as Caleb's.
So Meghan goes back in October to fill her cavity...I think Bart can take her to that too. LOL Why do I feel so guilty about not going with them?

Hayley has her 4 month appointment tomorrow, and I dread it. The shots suck, and she cries like I have never heard her cry. Ugh. I am curious to see what she weighs.

Caleb and Meghan have really been so bad lately. They fight all the time, and they don't listen to me at all. I thought someone told me the age of 4 was easier? I know this sounds awful, but I am so ready for them to start preschool. They need something else and need to be with other kids. It can't come fast enough.


Autumn said...

Yeah, not sure who said 4 is easier..but it's tough here too. I thought 3 was bad. I bet they will love preschool! Yeah for great dentist trips. I hope Hayley isn't too bothered by the shots...and you. :)

Mel said...

Good thing about the dentist. I find it strange that they fill cavities at that age since her teeth are gonna fall soon enough. I'm sure they'll love preschool and you'll love it too :) Good luck tomorrow !

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad. Mine are rotten, too sometimes. Preschool starts soon! :)

momtoabean said...

Shots do suck! For me, they are harder now because when Carly was little all she did was cry anyway, so I was used to it its sad and she is crying before she even gets them :(

Don't feel guilty about the dentist. You have to take Hayley for shots..its only fair :)