Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So finally Bart is not working so much. It has been so nice to have him home at night. The kids especially love it. So last night we called Dell and finally on our own fixed the cd burner, it only took like 2 hours. I thought today was Thursday. I was a little disappointed when I figured out it was only freakin Wednesday. Tomorrow I might go have dinner & drinks with some friends from High School. I can't freakin wait, I hope it all works out so that I can go. I need a night out.

I rarely go to the grocery store with the kids. I usually go on the weekends. Well this past weekend I couldn't and it screws up my whole week. So gram said why don't we we went yesterday. This is how it started off. We tell the kids we are going to the grocery store, and they are excited because we are actually leaving the house. So they are getting ready, I go out to warm up the car. It doesn't start. I was cursing, seriously WTF. It would turn over but nothing, and I had a full tank of gas. So the benefit of living in a small, minuscule community is that I call the guy who owns the garage and he drives down, has some dry gas, puts that in tries, nothing. Then he freakin floors the gas, all of a sudden POP and it starts. I was like how much do I owe ya? 5.00. Can't beat a small town sometime. So we get the kids loaded, and head on our way. Caleb was so good at the store, and Meghan was having a freakin fit towards the end. Stresses me out, and then I forget stuff, and buy bad things. LOL She was stressing me out, so I decided to get my favorite homemade Cusson's donuts. DAMN they are good. Anyways, we leave there and the kids see McDonald's and immediately start in. As Caleb calls it "Chicken-french fries" so I ask gram, and we go. They are actually pretty good there, and eat. Towards the end they were being goofy and marching and going in circles, but they were okay. Then I got the car washed, not sure why since I have to drive on a freakin dirt road home. Caleb was scared and informed me that "No like it mommy, no like it!" Then we drive home, and the dirt road is mostly mud, it is like driving on ice at some points and my car is all dirty again. What a stressful long day!! I don't think we will be doing that anytime soon. I enjoy my Sunday grocery shopping alone.

Now for some random facts:
  • I love Ellen DeGeneres
  • I currently like the song "Colorblind" By Counting Crows
  • I am breaking out, and I never do! Damn heavy period
  • I am dreading grammie leaving for Arizona for a week

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Becky said...

Wow. $5. Not bad.