Sunday, October 29, 2006

Same old, same old

Well, well I haven't written in a long time. Mostly when I feel like writing it is about my gram and how much I miss her and all that stuff. Sigh, it seems to get old I am sure to everyone else. It seems so prominent in my thoughts now because this was around the time of year that my grandmother found out, that she had terminal cancer (actually it was November 13, 2005).

My sister had a great dream about my gram and grandfather. She dreamt that she saw my gram and she hugged us and said "I just want you to know that I love you so very much" Then my sister Nikki talked to my grandfather and asked him what heaven was like. He told her that it was better than life itself. He also said that you know when you get a new car, and it has fresh new paint, it's like that. I have to admit, I was jealous that Nikki got the dream and not me. I have dreamt about my gram, but nothing like that.

Usually on the weekends we make the trip to see the in-laws. We don't mind, and the kids like to get out of the house. But they have Bart's great-grandmother lives with them. She is 98 years old. She is so crotchety! Don't get me wrong I love most elderly people. I used to work in a nursing home. But she is like nothing I have ever seen. She can hardly move lately, but somehow manages to threaten my kids. She antagonizes them, and yells. Last year she spanked Caleb. Today when we were there she picked up this metal tray that the kids just wanted to drum on and said she was going to hit them with it. I don't actually think she would but I said "no you won't grandma!"
Ugh it DRIVES me nuts because Bart, and my MIL do nothing, say nothing. UGHHHHHHHH!!!! And this is really, really awful but I think why does she get to live to be 98, and my gram had to die at 75? I know, I am awful. :(


yoinkit said...

She is still alive at 98 because God isn't ready for her yet, he needs to figure out how to get the crotchety out before she gets to Heaven...but our Gram was awesome so God wanted to scoop her right up :)

Autumn said...

I like Yoinkit's theory!!

elisa said...

You're not awful for thinking that way (sidenote: I'm so glad you finally updated your blog!) I think that way a lot about my dh's grandparents because they are crotchety like that. OMG about threatening your twins though. What is that makes old people think they can say/do anything they want?

My FIL says once a man, twice a child - maybe it's the same for old women, too.