Saturday, June 17, 2006

Goodbye Bad week!!!

What a week! To say the least. Bart was gone for 2 days, and my mom helped some of the time. The kids have been really "trying" lately. They fight, and throw things and have such attitude. I know that a lot has to do with their age. But man, oh, man!!
Today I went to vacuum my car, and then washed it. Then I decided to stop by my Aunt's house. I was excited that my cousins were there. It is weird not seeing them like we used to occasionally at Grams. I hope my aunt doesn't mind I stopped by. Then I went grocery shopping, we needed it desperately. Can I just say nothing like washing your car and then driving on a dry, dusty, dirt road. Makes the car wash almost worth it. *Sigh*

Things that have annoyed me recently.
-Hannafords out of everything! (my grocery store)
-People who call right during bath or bed time. So frustrating.
-When you let people out while driving, and they don't wave or anything.
-That I cannot find my contact solution ANYWHERE!!!

Well tomorrow is the dreaded weigh in. I know I have gained, but oh well. I have been emotional eating this week for sure. I hope to be back on track soon. Have a good weekend!


Autumn said...

Goodbye! I hope that this week is much better!!

elisa said...

Awww, i bet those twins are cute though!

And I 2nd Autumn, i hope this week is going better for you!