Monday, March 20, 2006


Well, wouldn't my grandmother be DISAPPOINTED. A once together family is being torn apart, by MATERIAL items. Well Gram is gone now, so everyone better get all they want that is worth any money and run. Who cares about relationships? I mean really. As long as we have that antique etc, that will keep us warm at night. My grandmother raised 9 children, with hardly anything. They all grew up with nothing and now some of them want everything. Isn't that ironic? I guess I was wrong, I really thought or didn't want to believe that my family would be like this. All that matters in life is your family, friends....relationships. I just really can't grasp it. How people who grew up with each other, suddenly don't care if they ever talk again. This is not what my grandmother wanted. It was certainly not what she was about. It's really funny, that when my gram was living some of them didn't visit or help her. But now they want all her stuff. All I want is my gram. Anything I wanted from her house was stuff that reminds me of her, stuff with no value. Except that it has value to me. Recipes that my gram one wants those. I was so excited to get them. I still have her writing! I guess they need to take a long hard look at their life. If having money and material items is what matters most to you, then you have really got to RETHINK something. I personally have no regrets. I spent and helped my grandmother, and that is what matters. What they did while she was alive is what matters. Last time I checked, when you die you can't take anything with you. Materialism:a desire for wealth and material possessions with little interest in ethical or spiritual matters. Yup, that sums it up. In case you couldn't pick up on it. I am angry. This however does not apply to all of my family. I would hope they would know who they are. I am just so sick of it. This is not what my grandmother raised them to be. I believe that she is watching all of it. That saddens me.


Meredith said...

So sorry to hear that Kylee. Your family should be relishing in her legacy not fighing over items. Hopefully your attitude will rub off on them and they'll straighten up.

Kellee said...

I'm so sorry, Kylee. You are doing the right thing though & as Meredith said, hopefully that will open some eyes.

Your Gram must continue to be so proud of you.

Hugs & Love

Mel Breen said...

How incredibly frustrating and sad.