Monday, December 01, 2008

Mother of the year

Wow, haven't been here in a while. I have come many times to post but decided against it. I have been in a funk lately. I would say a little depression with a little anger too.

We had a great time in Florida, it was exhausting but worth it to see the kid's faces. We did have one really frightening episode, and since I feel like mother of the year I haven't wanted to exactly talk about it all that much. The house we stayed at was nice, and had a pool. (you see where this is going right?) Well Caleb wanted to go swimming and my 3 aunts were by the pool and my 8 year old cousin was in the pool as well. There is this ledge in the deep end and Caleb was on it and apparently went off it. One of my aunts noticed and got him out, when I came out he was throwing up a lot of water and his lips looked blue. I started crying, trying not to freak but I couldn't help it. My aunt who is a nurse suggested that we go to urgent care just to be safe. So we did, and the Physicians assistant we saw said "I hate cases like this. He may appear fine, but there is a thing called dry drowning and he could die later" Umm thanks, and please don't be a little more sensitive since my 4 year old is right here with us! Anyways, they sent us to the ER for a chest x-ray to be safe. We got there and waited, and they acted like it was no big deal there. Finally we saw a Dr who listened to his lungs and said he was fine. I cried and asked if he could please have an x-ray. He told me that it would be unneccesary radiation, I said yes but I wanted to make sure that he was fine. The Dr. didn't seem pleased but agreed. But how could I just take his word when the other urgent care Dr said you couldn't tell? Not to mention he just got over pneumonia. He finally came back and the x-ray was clear. THANK THE LORD. That put a little damper in our vacation. I realized how so very lucky we were. I should have made sure my aunts knew he was out there. That is guilt I will just have to carry with me. Sometimes I feel like eventually my luck will run out.

I have been feeling a little angry lately because I am getting sick of our basement not being partly finished. We are going on over a year now. We aren't even doing the whole thing! We just have to wait to do it whenever my FIL is available. Ugh so frustrating! But the closet did get done, and even though it's kind of a shitty paint job, you won't be looking that hard. I started moving some stuff into it today so Hayley can finally have a room! Yay! They are supposed to do the ceiling this weekend. We are going to have someone else do the carpet.

Bart is in Dallas this week. He comes home Friday night at 11 pm, and then has to leave for Dallas again on Sunday for another week. They did this last year and really the timing sucks because I am no where near done Christmas shopping. Although I did go out on Black Friday.

Oh and since Bart's insurance decided to change their payments we now have to shell out 800.00 for Caleb's hospital stay when he has pneumonia. Ugh! Bart's insurance used to rock, and now it sucks! Why is it always around Christmas too? Plus we just put 300.00 into the van, and now it sounds like Bart's car needs brakes. It never ends. Hey at least gas is going down.


Nessa said...

UGH. Pools TERRIFY me! I have heard of that dry drowning thing, I am totally paranoid about my kids swallowing water in the bath LOL.

Anyway, I am so glad he is okay and you are NOT a bad mom. But I do know that horrible feeling, my kid almost died from a cheerio remember? Love you Ky.

Autumn said...

Oh, no Kylee! Pools and trampolines scare the crap out of me when my kids are near them. I'm so glad that Caleb is okay though.

I hear your insurance woes. I hate insurance companies and this stupid economy but that is another post for another time. Just sending big hugs. I hope this time Bart is gone goes really fast. ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Caleb is fine and I think your requesting an x-ray made sense like you said given what that tactless doctor said! I would have done the same.

I hear ya on the money problems and crappy insurance. Ours is currently dental bills from my having three cavities filled in the course of two months. Ugh. I hate dentists.

I feel you on the sadness and anger, too. I promise things will get better come spring. They always do. :)