Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Caleb and Meghan had a doctor's appointment yesterday to check their pneumonia. He thought they were doing well. I asked him if he thought we should get a flu shot for them considering they had pneumonia. He suggested we should. So we decided to get them one. I felt guilty because I didn't warn them or anything. I feel bad for the nurse, because Caleb screamed bloody murder while she was washing his arm with a alcohol wipe. I think my hearing is just returning. Since Caleb went first, Meghan realized that it was bad, so I pretty much had to hold her down. Some how I am the one doing the holding while Bart is watching...

We then went to pick out a toy, because they had earned all the stickers for their chart. Since they had a hard time taking antibiotics I made a sticker chart and yes, I bribed them. Hey, it worked and now I am 40.00 out but didn't have to fight. Another bonus is that then they play happily for about a day with their new toys.

I went shopping last night for something to wear for a wedding this Friday. I went with my sister and whenever I go with her, I spend much more money than I would if I went alone. I did find a dress, (even though I loathe them), I think will look decent. Speaking of which, Fashion Bug has a new system for their pants...pretty much it makes you *think* you are smaller, but I would like to know what size I really am.

Leaves changing color

Meghan at dance


Nessa said...

she looks about 14 in that pic!!

momtoabean said...

Eeek, she looks so great in that little outfit! So so so cute!!

Bribery works wonders.. and its not like you gave them pounds of candy :) New toys never hurt anyone.

Mike never takes Carly to appointments with shots. Bastard.

Anonymous said...

I haven't done flu shots yet.

She's too stinkin' cute in her ballerina get up.