Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Wow, long time no post. I remember last year that I said my resolution was to write on this more. So much for that. This year I won't even make a resolution and maybe I will keep it.
In case you hadn't heard I am pregnant! This time we are sure that it is only one, and we *think* it's a girl. We are building an extra room and walk in closet downstairs, which we will use as our office and playroom. The office now will be the new baby's room.
Today it has been 2 years since my gram has died. It seems like A LOT longer to me. I still think about her everyday.
Christmas was good, it went by too fast and again was too hectic. I always say I will do my shopping earlier, and bake earlier but I never get around to doing it. Ahh, maybe 2008 will be different. The kids had a blast on Christmas, of course it lasted for 5 days! We had so many places to go that it was exhausting. You should see my house now, I have no room with all the new toys.
Bart has been off for a week or so, and I got to read some of my new books. Out of the 4 new books I got, I have read 3. My favorite new author is Jodie Picoult. Love her books and it takes me about 2 days to finish them. I recommend if you are looking for something to read.
I dread Bart going back to work, cause he is going to be jumping right into his busy time. By the time his busy season is winding down, I will be ready to have a baby. We still have a lot to do before this little one comes! AHHHH!
I hope you all have a great 2008!


Autumn said...

Welcome back to blogging!!

M said...

Welcome back!!

Glad to hear an update and congratulations on the baby!!!

Cute cute cute picture of the kids too!