Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Long time no post...whats new

Wow, so I suck at resolutions. Oh well.

So my gram's house is sold, they close on the 30th. This really seems to bother me, I would almost feel better if it had just burned down. I know that sounds awful, but then no one would get to have it. I already know they are going to remodel it. That should be really fun when I have to drive by it all the time. Good times.

I am currently doing Weight Watchers and so far have lost 8.2lbs. It seems to come off so slow. This week I am ravenous, thanks Aunt Flo!! ARGH!

My kids are doing good I guess. Meghan has been throwing fits/tantrums left and right over nothing. I can already tell that 3 is going to be fun. They have been loving the weather lately, our new thing is to go across the road and play in the brook. Usually Gram is with us, and I am really grateful that she helps me out so much. I have learned that every day is a gift. My kids are so lucky to have her around, as am I. I am pretty lucky to have twins, they are in deed a handful but they have a close bond and watching them is so cute. I think things have been a little easier with twins like bedtime. They each have each other, and bedtime usually isn't a battle. The cutest thing ever was when Meghan told Caleb she "wubed (loved) him" so cute.

I have finished 2 books, one was Paula Deen's autobiography. It was really good, and a good read I thought. I want to go to Savannah, GA to go to her restaurant sometime. Yum, it all sounds so good. I don't know how people in the south aren't huge if people cook like that down there! The 2nd book I read was 90 Minutes in Heaven. It was a good short book, and made me think a lot. I cried reading his chapter on Heaven, because it was like I knew that my gram was okay.

I had a birthday on April 7th and it was great (besides friends that forgot, some friends huh?). I got a new purse which I love, and a new lense for my camera, coffee :) some money, and a necklace. I also got a new table with chairs and I LOVE IT! It was a bargain too!

I went dancing last weekend with my cousin, aunts, and new friend Gloria. I had a blast and danced my ass off. Maybe that is why I lost so much weight this week! It was a nice break, and I always have fun with my family.

The reason I haven't blogged lately is because it is such a bitch to sign on the desktop. The laptop is fine but the desktop irritates me.


yoinkit said...

I have a plan! When they start remodeling we can go there at night and throw rocks at the windows so they think its haunted! We can also walk by there every night and be really annoying so they start hating VT and their neighbors!! Perhaps we could even steal their baby...but it would have to live at your house, Mike would kill me if I brought home another kid! :)

Christy said...

Awww Kylee!! (((HUGS))) I know how you have dreaded the day the house sold :(. I am here like always when you need my shoulder.

I am glad you had a great birthday!! As far as the friend forgetting...screw her, she doesnt deserve someone as awesome as you anyway.

Btw...About freaking time you updated this damn thing ;)