Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Please Join Me!

Please join me and sign up for blogging about a person that was a victim in the 9-11 attacks. You sign up here and you are assigned a victim and then on September 11, 2006 you write a tribute to your assigned person! I think it's a great idea! Please think about joining and honoring all the people who lost their lives.


lori said...

Kylee--that is a fabulous idea! I've had a blog for over a month and I didn't ever post, but I created it today and I signed up for this. Thanks for the idea!!!

Shekky said...

I'm participating too. Thank you for sharing Kylee. I've already found out so much about the person I was paired with to honor. I will post a blog urging others to sign up too. It would be awesome to see each and every 9/11 victim honored this way!

Autumn said...

Great idea!!! I'm going to sign up too!